Rex White The Author, And Founder Of
“Gift Of Revelation Ministries,”

On the morning of November 4th 2014….
Rex White’s life changed forever as he was awakened from his sleep by the “Voice of God,” after saying a brief prayer his spirit was release from body and transformed into a ray of light, and then taken to heaven. Once in Heaven, he was shown a picture of Heaven and given the Word of God that is forever etched into his mind that included the Universe of God, the Altar of God, the Tree of Life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the Cup of Life and the cup of death, and finally the Sea of Glass. Before parting he was instructed to share that Vision with you. In fact, “He told me to share it with everyone but they would not believe it until the appointed time.”

The Story
Of The Ants.

This incredible story is about the real life experience of Rex White who was awaken by the voice of God, then transformed into a single ray of light, and taken to heaven moving at the speed of light. While in heaven his innate spiritual abilities of being able to see without eyes, hear without ears, speak without talking, and fly without wings returned to him.

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We the servants of the Word of God and the “Gift of Revelation,” given will make every attempt to answer each of your requests personally, at least as first contact. However, the company is expanding daily as God leads the one’s He has chosen for us to meet. The work we have to do of bringing salvation to the world is a living work, meaning it’s only for the living, which is only focus. We at Gift of Revelation Foundation were all taught the three lessons of the Holy Spirit that we live by, which are:

  1. Give all to all
  2. To have peace, teach peace to learn it.
  3. Be vigilant only for God and His kingdom.

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