Do I have to take protein powder and supplements?

Do you have to? No. Should you? Yes. These days, we are all ‘on the go’… school, work, kids, soccer, dance, working out, whatever…. One of the keys to building lean muscle mass is sufficient intake of protein and other essential vitamins and nutrients. One of the fastest and healthiest ways to get all these nutrients is with protein powder. It’s quickly and easily digested, making for an easy (and yes, really tasty) meal. It’s also great at making you feel full so you are never hungry.

Every time you and I train together:

You will leave knowing more about your health and fitness and you feel better. You will be challenged to go beyond what you believe is possible. You and I will plan together, work together and celebrate positive results.

Rich Pollock

How do you measure one’s body fat?

Body fat is measured using a Skin fold Caliper. Weight can be a “vague” measurement because it is determined by bones, tissue, fat, muscle and water. Body fat composition, however, is a precise measurement that determines the percentage of lean muscle versus the percentage of fat on the body.

How is Rich Pollock’s Personal Training better than a gym class?

Rich train’s his clients in a private studio in Paso Robles equipped with a variety of cardio-conditioning and weight-training equipment. Unlike a gym class a personal training session focuses on you, taking into account your age, sex, and physical limitations. Rich guides his clients through proper form and pushes them enough to get great results without risking injury. Drill-sergeant tactics are not used.

How soon can I expect weight loss?

There is a misconception between pounds lost versus looking great. Unfortunately, many people try to lose weight through starvation methods. In reality, what they’ve accomplished is a decomposition of their lean muscle mass. In turn, the lack of lean muscle will eventually allow for fat to be gained. Hence, the yo-yo effect; people gaining the weight back after the weight loss. Muscle weighs more than fat and the number on the scale is not what is important, it is the composition of your body with which we are concerned. Consequently, when a client replaces undesirable fat with lean muscle, their weight might not change as much as the drastic transformation of their body shape. Therefore, expecting to lose weight in a given period should not be the question but rather how soon can I expect to lose fat. That can be done within the first week.

I’ve heard lifting weights makes women big and bulky.

Unless you are a woman taking anabolic steroids, 99.9% of women do not have the hormones necessary to create “male/bulky” muscle. Most women who begin intense resistance training may see their arms grow larger at first. This is due to muscle being developed under the already existing layer of fat which can lead to the misunderstanding that “my arms are getting huge!”.

However, with consistency and determination, along with the correct exercise program designed by Rich, you can eventually shed off the unwanted fat and change your body composition so that your arms achieve your desired tone. Most people just want to look lean, toned and, well, just great. That’s his specialty, and something he have helped hundreds of men and women achieve.

I’ve tried every diet on the market and nothing seems to work. How can you help me?

With years of Personal Training experience, Rich Pollock has a specific diet programs that monitors caloric intake vs. calories vs. calories burned. He has the expertise to guide you through your journey of changing your eating habits. You will leave his program feeling secure that quality eating habits have been established for a lifetime.

If I stop weight training, will the muscles that I have built turn to fat?

No, muscle cannot turn into fat. Fat and muscle are two totally different entities. Muscle will lose tone and get smaller when not in use but it will not turn to fat. When regular exercise is discontinued fewer calories will be burned during the day. If calorie intake remains the same, body fat will increase. While it may look like muscles are turning to fat after cessation of training, they are really being replaced by fat.

If I work out a lot can I eat whatever I want and still stay lean?

Some people are blessed with the genetic makeup that will allow them to eat and never gain a pound. In all likelihood you are not one of those lucky individuals. The good news is with the proper nutrition plan you will feel so good that you won’t want to eat junk food. That being said, in moderation you can enjoy eating almost anything.

Isn’t cardio the fastest way to lose weight?

A lot of people think so. And you’ll hear it over and over. The truth to losing weight fast is really about a mix of cardio, resistance training, of course healthy eating. People who employ all three burn more calories, and lose weight significantly faster than those on cardio alone. It’s all part of a lifestyle change, that lasts a lifetime. Unfortunately cardio only speeds metabolism for a couple of hours while strength training builds muscle that burns fat throughout the day and at night while you sleep.

What facilities do you train at?

Training is offered at Just Fit Studio or Just Fit Gym, in Paso Robles, California. Private sessions is also offered in client’s homes and businesses.

What kind of training can I expect from Rich Pollock?

Rich will design a personal workout program that matches your body type and goals, taking into account your age, the shape you are in as well as your schedule. He will include strength,( free weight and cable machines) cardio, balance and stretches. Many clients like his super circuit workouts for faster results.

What sets Rich Pollock apart from other trainers?

For Rich, It is not just a job it is his passion. It is what keeps him going. There is nothing more Important to him than seeing his clients become healthy and fit. His enthusiasm runs deep. He gives 110% of himself so you can get the results you want. He keeps up with the latest in health and fitness by studying daily and attending seminars, classes and conferences.

What’s the difference between private, semi-private training and group training?

Private sessions are with one client. A semi-private training session is with two clients. Group sessions include from four to ten people. Semi-private training is the most popular as it provides one on one coaching while being more affordable.

Why do I need a Personal Trainer?

Studies have clearly shown that people who work with a trainer are 80 percent more likely to see the results they want. Having a personal trainer can help you reach your goals faster and easier while making it fun. Someone holding you accountable and pushing you, whether it be a little or a lot, can make all the difference.

Why is proper nutrition so important?

Proper nutrition is the most important part of the weight loss puzzle. At Just Fit Studios, a nutrition plan is created for you at no additional charge. It is not a diet using trendy pills or fad foods but a lifelong healthy eating program. You learn to eat the right portions at the right times of the day, all completely customized for your eating habits. His nutrition programs are so successful and easy to stay on his clients find that after a few months they don’t even have the desire to cheat, and go off it for awhile.

Will a personal trainer really make a difference?

Yes! Studies have clearly shown that people who work with a trainer are 80 percent more likely to see the results they want.