Planning a wedding in Orlando? Then look no further! Sunshine and Vows are Orlando’s newest and most exciting wedding planners for anyone and everyone, from everywhere, looking to celebrate their love for each other. Whether this is your first or third marriage, a retying of the knot, or simply a commitment of your love without the legalities, we are your number one choice. Our goal is to help you marry the one you love on a wedding day that is all about you and for it to be the best first day of the rest of your lives.

You Dream

The question’s been popped, the answer’s been given, and now it’s time to start planning. Weddings bring out the dreamer in all of us, and why not? As one of life’s big occasions, it’s no surprise your time will be filled with imaging all the details, big and small. Regardless of how important or not, you want it to be flawless, with nothing overlooked or forgotten. Turning dreams into reality is never easy, even for the most organized couples, that’s where we step in.

We Create

Weddings are the ultimate celebration of your love for each other and, let’s face it, a great excuse to dress up and have a party! Planning it can seem like a monumental task, with all the decisions to make it can start to feel overwhelming. We believe every couple deserves a day created especially for them, one where planning should be enjoyable, stress-free, and fun. With our help and guidance, an eye-catching website to inspire you and spark your imagination, we will make it an experience to remember.

You Celebrate

The plans have been made, the details have been checked and now your day is ready to beginning. Our goal is for you to relax and enjoy this special time, from the moment you open your eyes feeling excited about the day ahead until the champagne has been popped and the cake enjoyed.  There are so many amazing moments in any wedding day and by leaving all the details to us leaves you free to be in the spotlight with your new husband or wife, relaxing and having fun as your perfect wedding day unfolds.

What We Do

Whether it’s an intimate beachside ceremony for just the two of you or a glamorous garden affair with all your family and friends, we offer packages to fit your needs and budget. From fully inclusive to planning assistance and coordination, we have a full range of services on offer to ensure your wedding day is everything you ever wanted and more.


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