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How Does Our Tour Guide Audio Work?

It works similar to the turn-by-turn navigation system in your vehicle, but instead of navigation, we provide commentary of the sites and sounds of the park. You download our audio travel guide to a device, such as your smartphone. Your device will then use GPS technology to offer an audio guided tour of the location you are traveling through.

The best guided tour for the Natchez trace parkway.

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Where To Find Wildlife!

We use the best source of intelligence available, the National Park Service. We know that Park Rangers and the National Park Service can guide you best about all the top spots to view wildlife, which ensures a great self guided tour experience for you.

You Don't Have To Worry About Wifi.

Our GPS tours are downloaded onto your device so there is no need for Wi-Fi or a cell signal.

Highlights On The Parkway

  • Timberland Park, Milepost 437.2
  • Gordon House Historic Site, Milepost 407.7
  • Jackson Falls, Milepost 404.7
  • Tobacco Barn & Old Trace Drive, Milepost 401.4
  • Fall Hollow Waterfall, Milepost 391.9
  • Meriwether Lewis Burial Monument, Milepost 385.9
  • Old Trace Drive, Milepost 375.8
  • Rock Spring, Milepost 330.2
  • Colbert Ferry Stand Site, Milepost 327.3
  • Pharr Mounds, Milepost 286.7
  • Old Trace and Confederate Cemetery, Milepost 269.4
  • Chickasaw Village Site, Milepost 261.8
  • Bynum Mounds, Milepost 232.4
  • Jeff Busby Overlook, Milepost 193.1
  • French Camp, Milepost 180.7
  • Cypress Swamp, Milepost 122
  • Brashears Stand and Old Trace, Milepost 104.5
  • Rocky Springs Town Site, Milepost 54.8
  • Sunken Trace, Milepost 41.5
  • Windsor Ruins, Milepost 30 & Milepost 38
  • Mount Locust Historic House, Milepost 15.5
  • Emerald Mound, 10.3