Our services


Working with multiple platforms and hardware such as tablets, smartphones, video walls and projections, integrated with physical effects for 4D experiences, we create simple or complex interactives that can be small tablet-controlled projections or multi-sensory XR installations.


Audiovisual technology is a vital component of our work. Whether providing pro audio systems, video wall displays or high quality projections, our experience is broad with many years working live in productions, corporate events and visitor attractions. Whether augmenting workspace with new audiovisual technologies for connectivity and conferencing or upgrading club and bar sound and lighting systems, we find and implement quality systems that exceed expectations.


Custom lighting design and installation are a regular feature within many of our projects, these can be architectural arrangements or complex applications in art.

Show control

Audio, Video, Lighting and Mechanical automation – our show control systems integrate all parts of any event, attraction or show to a seamless experience. We have created and installed robust systems for high end visitor attractions and shows that are in operation worldwide.

Custom software

We are entrusted with incredible ideas and with them seemingly impossible tasks, challenging our technical teams to find solutions using something off the shelf or developing new technology. We work with experienced developers to create code for connecting existing systems and use the latest technology to find new ways to push the boundary of possibilities for our projects.


Our 2d artists, 3d modellers, and animators work with our clients to realise their projects and develop creative ideas, producing quality content whether it’s a static display or video production, our content is always a full measure.

 Mechanical Engineering

and Automation 

Our specialist engineering team have the skills, experience and resources to provide cost effective and high-quality solutions for the design, manufacture, installation and operation of a wide range of mechanical applications. We create functional mechanical assemblies such as revolves and conveyor systems, animatronics from large robotics to small animated characters and theatre automation such as multiple axis moving platforms and stage lifts .

Bespoke electronics

Unique projects often require special solutions for control equipment. From custom profile PCBs for simple interfaces and controllers to complex computer-based control systems for AR applications. We design and produce bespoke electronics and computer systems for multiple applications, compelled by new and existing technology to find the best solutions for each project.

Model making, themed scenery, displays and sculptures

Encapsulating our work are the models, scenery, displays, and sculptures. Throughout conception to production we design quality fabrications with inbuilt technology, our partners are model makers, sculptors, and seamsters – quality makers producing exceptional work.

4D Effects

Rain, fog, wind and fire, small or large scale effects, integrated with applications such as interactive experiences, AR installations or artwork. Our technical team can help with bespoke designs and rentals, providing support through planning, installation and operation.