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About us

Nugz is an Arizona based company trying to provide knowledge to all about the positive impact cannabis will have in our society. At Nugz, we know it sucks to not have fresh cannabis, we created a product that will keep it fresh and at an ideal humidity. One Nug will protect and keep your cannabis fresh. Very simple, toss a Nug in your jar and enjoy!!!

I want to build a brand that provides knowledge about the benefits of cannabis

Building a movement one nugz at a time


100% Natural

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Free Shipping

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Easy to Order

Real butter, not margarine, and designs to be filled real.


–°ertified Quality

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Medical cannabis

High standard & quality

Nugz are made of ALL natural household ingredients, they protect cannabis by keeping it at the ideal humidity. Cannabis loses 40% of its terpenes, The first week if you do nothing to protect it. Each Nug protects 1 oz for at least a couple months if used properly.

How to use- toss one Nug (pouch) inside your container and let it keep your cannabis fresh longer.

Building a movement one Nugz at a time”

“Keep in It Fresh!”


Cannabis health benefits


1. Reduces stress

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2. Protects The Brain

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3. Mends bones

But that’s not all that it takes to get things back on track.


4. Fights cancer

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