Who We Are

New Hope Church of Savannah, under the leadership of Pastor Nathaniel Williams, has a vision to advance the Kingdom of God by utilizing our Sanctuary as a cornerstone, for the body of Christ. It will allow us to be leaders in the revitalization of our communities.

We believe that we have received a mandate from God to be instrumental in bringing a better quality of life to a place in which God has planted us. Therefore, we are focused on advancing the Kingdom by embracing communities.

There are moments in time when God uses people to do something so significant that it changes how the world sees god. New Hope Church of Savannah believes this is one of those moments. As we proceed, this event will result in thousands of souls being saved, and the glorification of God-worthy of honor. What better way to honor him than to seize the moment that we believe is ordained by him!

We believe, without a doubt, that it is our time.

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New Hope Church of Savannah, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Nathaniel Williams, conducted a collective study of the Pennsylvania Avenue area, in Savannah Georgia. The results of the study are to aid in the purchasing of the real property located at1901 Pennsylvania Avenue. The facility is a full-service community center.

The market research analysis, as described in this report, indicated that the composition strength and projected demand are sufficient to support a total community outreach program. The edifice accommodate for the rapid growth that is taking place in the surrounding communitie


The base objective for this study was to evaluate the potential for 1901 Pennsylvania Avenue. The study provides that the projected growth of the surrounding communities will greatly increase the demand for a functional program. This same growth will not only impact the facility but it will impact the ministry and entire metropolitan area of Savannah and surrounding communities.

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