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    Our Services

    Why use the 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited?

    ✓ We offer competitive rates

    ✓ We act on a nationwide basis

    ✓ We are on call and at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    ✓ Our clients are our number one priority

    ✓ 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited provides a tailored service to suit your needs

    ✓ Enforcement officers with over 15 years experience

    ✓ Team with specialist rent recovery, landlord and tenant and enforcement knowledge

    ✓ We understand the needs of our clients and act on any instruction without delay

    ✓ We are committed to providing an effective enforcement service

    Areas we specialise in

    ✓ Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

    ✓ Lease Forfeitures

    ✓ Evictions of Tenants and Illegal Occupiers

    ✓ Trespasser Evictions

    ✓ High Court Enforcement of Judgement Debts

    ✓ Enforcement of Court Possession Orders

    ✓ Horse Removal

    ✓ Caravan and Abandon Vehicle Removal

    ✓ Tracing and Investigations

    ✓ Process Serving of Documents

    ✓ Service of Tenant Notices

    ✓ Court Applications

    High Court
    If you have been awarded a county court Judgement or Order from the court for a sum of money, our specialist enforcement team can assist you in transferring the Order to the High Court for the purposes of enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Agent.

    24 Hour Bailiffs Limited, using the authority of our associated High Court Enforcement Officer, is able to enforce the following monetary orders:

    – Any County Court Judgement (CCJ) over £600.00
    – A High Court Judgement or Order
    – Employment Tribunal Award or ACAS Award

    With the authorisation of our associated authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, we are able to transfer your Judgement or Order to the High Court for enforcement for a Court fee of only £66.00 (recoverable from the debtor on successful recovery of the outstanding Judgement debt).

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    Need the help of an Enforcement Agent, Contact us Now